Canada ETA Cost

There are multiple factors that you have to consider before traveling to Canada, but the most important one would be to know which type of travel document you would need to be allowed entry into the country. Travelers need a visa except for those from visa-exempt countries. Citizens from these countries do not need a visa but do need a Canada ETA or visum für kanada.

Knowing Which Travel Document to Apply for

There are different types of travel documents you can get. You have to be sure which one is appropriate for you to avoid wasting money. To do that, you can do your research by reading Canada’s visa policy, or you can opt to use iVisa’s Visa Checker.

The Visa Checker is more convenient than the former option because this tool provides a document which you can fill-up and automatically gives you a result at the end. The result will say if you can apply for an ETA.

Cost of Canada ETA

If you do not know the price of ETA, you can check with iVisa because it provides competitive rates. You have three choices:

  1. Standard processing – You can select this option if time is not of an issue as it is cheaper but slower. You will have to wait for one business day to get your ETA, and it is only $19.50.
  2. Rush processing – If you need to get your ETA as soon as possible, you can pay $49.50 and get your travel document in just 2 hours.
  3. Super Rush Processing – This is the fastest option with which you can get your ETA within 30 minutes, but you will have to pay $69.50.

Payment Options

Because everything happens online, you will also have to pay online. iVisa accepts credit or debit cards, or you can also choose to pay through PayPal, Alipay, or WeChat. You can select whichever one is best for your situation. You need not worry about any hidden or additional fees because the amount mentioned in the application process will be the same amount charged as reflected on your bank statement.

Canada is one of the most stunning and vast countries in the world so don’t waste your time and apply for the right travel document or visum für kanada now.