4 Nature Parks to Visit in Canada

Canada is renowned for having some of the world’s best nature parks. It’s not surprising though as the country is sprinkled with rugged coastlines, lush valleys, clear lakes, and majestic mountain peaks. Put your ETA Kanada to good use and visit these fantastic natural parks.


1. Banff National Park


Founded in 1885, Banff National Park is situated in the Rocky Mountains and holds the distinction of being the country’s oldest nature park. It has over 1,500 kilometers of walking trails, with campsites and shelters dotting the area. Visitors can also relax in the Upper Hot Springs, a 1930s restored bathhouse. If you’re into more cerebral pursuits, the Banff Park Museum showcases the area’s abundant wildlife.


2. Georgian Bay Islands National Park


Visitors who prefer to be near the water will love the Georgian Bay Islands. The park is made up of 63 islands that are embraced by the vivid blue waters of Ontario’s Lake Huron.


Each island is like its own little world, with the largest, Beausoleil Island, boasting of nine campgrounds and ten cabins. Don’t worry if you don’t have camping gear. All you need to bring is yourself, and your ETA Kanada as the park also offers fully equipped camping sites.


3. Kootenay National Park


History lovers will surely get a kick out of Kootenay National Park. While the park has spectacular natural landscapes, it’s also home to more than 90 archeological digs, a National Historical site, and a heritage building.


It’s not all dusty digs though, Kootenay is also home to black bears, grizzlies, badgers, and the Canada lynx. The park also has several hot pools and campgrounds that are open to the public from May to October.


4. Prince Edward Island National Park


Campers and birdwatchers should visit the Prince Edward Island National Park. It was designated to preserve the Greenwich dune system in the late 1990s and serves as a sanctuary to 300 bird species. This nature park has a diverse ecology, ranging from dunes, sandstone cliffs to forests and wetlands.


Visitors can enjoy bird watching, hiking, and camping in this park. Prince Edward also has three camping grounds, with each located near hiking trails and beaches.


Canada is the go-to destination for nature lovers and adventurers. There’s something for everyone, so secure your ETA Kanada and enjoy.