Reasons Why You Should Include Denmark on Your Bucketlist

If you are looking for stunning landscapes, vivid nightlife, and a great culture scene, then put Denmark on your bucket list as a place to visit.  A country where you can relax and get a glimpse of an excellent Scandinavian way of life, Denmark can offer you a lot more that will surely make you want to stay.

Renaissance Castles and Modern Architecture Buildings

Denmark has a diverse and elegant façade thanks to the modern architecture buildings of the 21st century and renaissance and baroque castles since the time of the mighty kings that ruled the country. You can see the long history of the nation anywhere you go because of the remarkable structures that showcased the different periods and eras through the architectural design.

Take time to visit the Fredensborg Palace, Frederiksborg Palace, and Shakespeare’s source of inspiration for his castle in Hamlet, the Kronborg Palace. Other places that you shouldn’t miss are The Royal Danish Opera, The Royal Library, and a strange apartment known as The Iceberg.

A haven for Fashionistas and Music Enthusiasts

In the past years, Scandinavian pieces are taking the catwalks by storm globally, and Dane designers are dominating the fashion scene. If you are a fashionista or not, Denmark offers unique pieces that you will love to add to your collection. The country is brimming of boutiques and elegant shops suited for all styles. You can also score some rare finds on vintage and second-hand stores.

If you are into music, then the best time to visit the country is in summer to experience one of the largest music festivals in Europe called Roskilde. For four days, aspiring artists and world-famous bands take part in the celebration.

See Two Different Seas meet on one spot

To experience this natural phenomenon, you can travel to North Jutland, and you can see Skagerrak and Kattegat Seas meet. Tourists head to the remote location to observe currents and witness the phenomenon from this union. Aside from how stunning the place looks, you can see seals and rare species of birds.

Learn Why Denmark is One of the Happiest Nation

One of the reasons why Denmark is so unique is because of the peaceful and serene atmosphere of the country. The city life seems to run on its rhythm compared to the hustle and bustle of everyday urban life. The people here have this hygge habit that made them ranked first in UN World Happiness Report three times. If you don’t have an ETIAS, better get one, and experience living in one of the world’s happiest country.